Step Show Hosting


Hosting-Need help executing a preexisting step show event? CSA hosting gives you and your planning team the reassurance of having specific services planned, organized and executed by experienced CSA staff members. Hosting services include:


1. Step Team Hosting- Have CSA be the direct point of communication for each performance team regarding show rules, regulations, and other questions they may have leading up to the event day. CSA will serve as a liaison between designated staff and teams throughout the event to consistently update parties regarding pertinent details.

2. Judge Hosting-CSA provides two options for judge hosting:


Option #1-Certified Judges Pool- Utilize CSA’s judge pool to ensure you have trained and experienced judges evaluating your show performances.

Option #2-Train-our-Judges: Do you already have individuals you’d like to serve as judges for your show? No problem! We’ll conduct an exclusive CSA Certification Workshop for your judges to prepare them to properly assess step show performances at your event.

Both options also include day of event coordination such as judge’s area set-up, serving as a liaison throughout the show, and score tabulations (which include an individual tabulator and auditor).


3. Day-of Event Operations-Utilize the CSA team to consult, coordinate and execute the order of events for your step show event*.

 *CSA will only execute show orders approved by our Executive Board

4. Show Marketing & Ticket Sales-Utilize the CSA website, email and phone database, and/or social networking websites to promote your step show event and/or sell tickets.


Production-Let CSA create a step show event for your company or organization! Whether independent or as part of a preexisting event, we’d love to help you help us “preserve the legacy of step” by producing a great show! CSA will organize and plan a unique event tailored to your wants and needs while incorporating the necessary elements to ensure an overall successful event.

Sanctioning-Sanctioning is an official designation issued by CSA/NSSA which evidences the shows commitment to follow state and national rules and regulations regarding step and to provide a safe environment for participants and spectators. CSA evaluates a variety of areas including but not limited to planning, marketing, and event day operations to determine if an event’s status. Contact us for more information about getting the seal of approval for your event.