CSA recognizes the need for youth to participate in activities that encourage and support their academic success and matriculation into society. Through our youth step league, we provide children with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and character traits necessary for their future success. CSA encourages the effort of existing youth teams while promoting the creation of new ones in local schools and communities to broaden the spectrum of those who can benefit from participation.


In support of our youth members and teams, CSA:

  • Facilitates the official Cali Youth Step League which supports youth learning to perform the art form and its history along with participation in healthy competition, academic success and the holistic development and transition of students into young adults in the 21st century
  • Invites youth teams to perform exhibition shows so students can showcase their talents and build self esteem
  • Provides step clinics to teach youth steppers of all ability levles to improve their skills
  • Works with schools, community groups, and churches interested in starting a team, finding a Step Master/Advisor and/or training existing staff
  • Offers college counseling & preparation workshops (grades 8-12).

The Cali Youth Step League is the official Step League for K-12 students in the state of California.  Students from across the state perform in a series of competitive step show performances in the spring leading up to the championship show. The top scoring teams perform at the Championship Show where the one last performance is given by the top ranking teams and the League winners are determined and announced.   

The League is designed to provide members of participating schools and organizations with an opportunity to engage in physical activity, build self-esteem, and show pride in their school or organization by showcasing their talents in the step art form. Stepping, which is traditionally performed by  U.S. collegiates apart of NPHC organizations, serves as a great vehicle to introduce and inspire youth interest and desire in college attendance.

Despite the competitive nature of step, CSA encourages and provides opportunities for teams to support one another, network and bond to enrich their league experience and establish new relationships and social skills that will positively impact their future success.


How the Youth League works:

  1. Step teams throughout the state of California can register to participate in the upcoming league season between October 1-January 15.
  2. Step Season officially begins in January and ends in June
  3. There will be a total of (3) qualifying step shows where league teams will perform
  4. Upon registration, teams choose to perform in 1-3 of the qualifying step shows; each team’s performance scores will be averaged at the end of the season
  5. Teams with the top score average will compete at the championship show for a chance to be crowned the 2013 Cali Youth Step Champs
  6. The Championship Step Show will take place in June.



  • Team must consist of at least (3) steppers
  • Each team member must submit a current grade report, parental permission slip, photo release form, and Medical contact form
  • Disorderly conduct by any team or individual stepper may result in team disqualification from league competitions


How to register:

  • Complete Cali Greek Step League Team Registration Form
  • Pay $150 registration fee (participation in some show qualifiers may require an additional registration fee)


Register Your Youth (K-12) Step Team!!!

  • Compete in step shows throughout California and potentially across the country
  • *Network with other steppers, step masters, advisors, and step enthusiasts
  • *Receive updated information regarding local, state, & national step related information




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